Employment Relations

The Guild provides a range of Workplace Relations services to its members. Guild Members receive support and advice on a range of human resources and industrial relations matters including:

  • Advice and guidance:
    • Navigating the complexities of WA's unique IR landscape, covering both state and national jurisdictions.
    • Interpreting relevant legislation, awards, agreements, policies, and procedures in an industrial and workplace context.
    • Implementing legislative requirements, awards, contracts, and policies in pharmacies.
  • Compliance support:
    • Ensuring pharmacies comply with industrial relations law and avoid unnecessary risks.
    • Assisting with workplace policies and procedures development.
    • Providing guidance on specific HR issues, such as employee contracts, termination, leave entitlements, and workplace disputes.
  • Training and education:
    • Conducting workshops and webinars on various IR topics for pharmacy owners, managers, and staff.
    • Keeping members informed about changes in industrial relations laws and regulations.
  • Representation:
    • Representing members in industrial relations matters before Fair Work commissions and other tribunals.

If you would like to nominate a trusted senior employee to access the IR support service on your behalf, you can do so by completing this IR authorisation form. When completing the form, let us know if you would also like the staff member to have their own myGuild account.

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Page last updated on: 11 January 2024