Level 1, 100 Christie Street St Leonards NSW 2065
Locked Bag 2112 St Leonards NSW 1590
Tel: 02 9467 7100  |  Fax: 02 9467 7101

Director - NSW Branch
Caroline Argent

President - NSW Branch
David Heffernan

Senior Vice President, Vice President Finance
Feras Karem

Vice President
Paul Jones

Vice President
Caroline Diamantis

NSW Branch Committee Members
Mario Barone
John Black
Catherine Bronger
Karen Carter
Caroline Diamantis
Greg Everett
Paul Jones
Feras Karem
Binh Luu
Judy Plunkett
Rick Samimi
Sally Sheehan
Adele Tahan
Richard Walsh

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Page last updated 20 November 2017