How do I Utilise the Cold Chain Testing Centre’s Services?


Step 1
Please download and complete all relevant fields of the ‘Cold Chain Testing Request Form’.


Step 2
Return your completed ‘Cold Chain Testing Request Form’ using one of the following methods:

By PostBy EmailBy Fax
Cold Chain Testing Centre
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW Branch
Suite 201, 10 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 9467 7151

Please note:
The data logging procedure which includes the provision of your results, can take up to four (4) weeks to complete.
Incomplete details, such as missing fridge model numbers or payment details will delay the processing of your Cold Chain Testing Request.

Step 3
You will receive confirmation of your request by email, along with an Australia Post tracking number. A data logging kit will then be sent to your community pharmacy ready for use.

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Page last updated 12 September 2018