How do I Utilise the Cold Chain Testing Centre’s Services?


Step 1
Please click on the following link and complete our online Cold Chain Testing Request Form.

Cold Chain Testing Request

Step 2
Upon successful submission of the Cold Chain Testing Request Form you will be redirected to our online payment portal.

 PriceGST (10%)Service FeesTotal Sales Price
Cold Chain Certification Test -
1 Fridge$65.00$6.50$2.22$73.72
2 Fridges$130.00$13.00$4.13$147.13
3 Fridges$195.00$19.50$6.03$220.53
4 Fridges$260.00$26.00$7.94$293.94
Cold Chain Certification Test -
Non Member (AFSPA)
1 Fridge$77.73$7.77$2.59$88.09
2 Fridges$155.46$15.55$4.87$175.88
3 Fridges$233.19$23.32$7.15$263.66
4 Fridges$310.92$31.10$9.43$351.45
Cold Chain Certification Test -
Non Member
1 Fridge$185.00$18.50$5.74$209.24
2 Fridges$370.00$37.00$11.17$418.17
3 Fridges$555.00$55.50$16.60$627.10
4 Fridges$740.00$74.00$22.04$836.04
Cold Chain Certification Retest Due to Failure -
1 Fridge$49.00$4.90$1.75$55.65
2 Fridges$98.00$9.80$3.19$110.99
3 Fridges$147.00$14.70$4.62$166.32
4 Fridges$196.00$19.60$6.06$221.66
Cold Chain Certification Retest Due to Failure -
Non Member (AFSPA)
1 Fridge$59.00$5.90$2.04$66.94
2 Fridges$118.00$11.80$3.77$133.57
3 Fridges$177.00$17.70$5.51$200.21
4 Fridges$236.00$23.60$7.24$266.84
Cold Chain Certification Retest Due to Failure -
Non Member
1 Fridge$139.00$13.90$4.39$157.29
2 Fridges$278.00$27.80$8.47$314.27
3 Fridges$417.00$41.70$12.55$471.25
4 Fridges$556.00$55.60$16.63$628.23

Please note:
The data logging procedure which includes the provision of your results, can take up to four (4) weeks to complete.
Incomplete details, such as missing fridge model numbers or payment details will delay the processing of your Cold Chain Testing Request.

Step 3
Upon successful receipt of your payment, you will receive confirmation of your request by email.  A data logging kit will then be sent to your community pharmacy ready for use.

Click here for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Cancellation and Refund Policy

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9467 7100 or email:

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Page last updated on: 14 February 2020