Information - Program Incentives

The NSW Pharmacy Needle and Syringe Program (PNSP) is fully funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and is administered by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch).

Participating program pharmacies may be eligible to receive the following program incentives, subject to satisfactorily meeting program requirements.

Program Participation – New NSP

Community pharmacies which are entering the Scheme may be eligible to receive a one-off introductory incentive upon registration.

This program incentive is currently $385 (GST Incl)1.

Fitpack Exchange – Program Incentive

Program incentive payments are provided for each Fitpack which has been exchanged by a participating program pharmacy.

Further details on the Fitpack exchange can be found in the program manual.

1    Information as at 25 January 2018

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Page last updated on: 07 February 2018