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The Needle and Syringe Program is an evidence-based public health program, which aims to minimise the transmission of blood borne viruses amongst people who inject drugs.  

Participation in the NSW Pharmacy Fitpack® Scheme includes the following activities:

  • The provision of Fitpacks® through sale or exchange to members of the public;
  • The provision of other items of injecting equipment where requested and available;
  • Provide access to a sharps disposal service to the community for the safe collection and return of Fitpacks®;
  • Contribute to the provision of educational information to people who inject drugs for the purpose of minimising the transmission of blood borne virus infections

The PNSP is fully funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and is administered by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch).

To register to participate in this important public health initiative, please review and complete the Agreement to Participate document. Further program information can be found in the NSP Participant Information Statement and the NSP Program Manual.

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Page last updated on: 12 February 2018