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The NSW Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) seeks to reduce the social, economic, and health harms associated with opioid use1.

It is a two-step process for community pharmacies seeking to be involved in the NSW OTP through the provision of pharmacotherapy, and the NSW Pharmacy Incentive Scheme.

Step 1: Register with the NSW Ministry of Health

The NSW Ministry of Health manages the registration and approval of NSW community pharmacies to supply methadone or buprenorphine (including buprenorphine-naloxone) under the NSW OTP. Applications are generally processed within 5 business days. Please note that methadone and/or buprenorphine cannot be ordered from a supplier until the registration process is complete.

Further information, including the application form for completion is available at:

Step 2: Register with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW)

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) administers the Pharmacy Incentive Scheme, which is fully funded by the NSW Ministry of Health.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) will contact your pharmacy following notification that your pharmacy has been approved to supply pharmacotherapy under the NSW OTP.


For information on the Pharmacy Incentive Scheme, please contact the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) on (02) 9467 7100 or

1. NSW Government (Health) NSW Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

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Page last updated on: 27 May 2021