Buying and Selling Guide: Seven steps to the process

Buying a pharmacy is a big step, whatever path you use to enter pharmacy ownership. Taking careful and considered steps in preparing to enter pharmacy ownership has never been more important.

The Guild has always looked to support new owners of community pharmacies, as well as assist existing owners “retire” from pharmacy ownership or take on a mentoring and support role to younger partners in their pharmacy.

What is the Buying and Selling Guide?

The Buying and Selling a Pharmacy Guide resource provides insightful advice on practically every aspect of establishing and running a pharmacy business from market research, ownership structures and small business management right through to information and business technology systems, appointing an agent and financial and legal considerations.

The guide includes checklists, tasks for the first 100 days of business and tips from experts in the field of community pharmacy.

A significant portion of the hard work has been done for you in this handy resource guide aimed at ensuring you avoid the risk of not knowing and making costly mistakes that could affect your future.

With loads of resources and links to pharmacy professionals and other organisations, the Buying and Selling a Pharmacy Guide provides an excellent way for you – the potential purchaser or seller – to quickly become an expert.

7 simple steps

Summarised using 7 simple steps, including information about essential business, financial, insurance, legal, succession planning and personal aspects of buying or selling a pharmacy. It can be easily printed for future reference. The guide has recently been reviewed and updated with a new look and format.

The Buying and Selling a Pharmacy Guide includes:

Buying a pharmacy

  1. Finding the right pharmacy
  2. Choosing the right ownership structure
  3. Making the key financial decisions
  4. Buying the pharmacy: processes and checklist
  5. Making the key business decisions
  6. Learning and using pharmacy management skills
  7. Useful resource information and links

Selling a pharmacy

  1. The right time
  2. Valuation and appraisal
  3. Appointing an agent
  4. Financial and legal arrangements
  5. Receiving ‘the offer’!
  6. Financial arrangements
  7. Financial statements

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More Resources

Guild learning and development have prepared some valuable resources to assist in the purchase or sale of a community pharmacy.

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