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21 December 2017

Thursday 8 March 2018 - Women in Pharmacy stakeholder event

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On Friday 20 October 2017, the NSW Branch hosted the first Women in Pharmacy networking event at the Primus Hotel in the Sydney CBD, proudly sponsored by Pitcher Partners. The Guild has called for greater gender diversity in its leadership in order to ensure that the growing number of female pharmacists and pharmacy owners are represented in decision making positions. It is important to unite female pharmacists at all stages of their careers, from past and current owners to women considering pharmacy ownership, in order to build meaningful relationships.

We look forward to continuing this work and building on the progress made, with another event planned to coincide with International Women's Day on Thursday 8 March 2018. More details will be provided closer to the event, so for now, please mark this date in your calendars and make sure you attend this important and fun-filled event.

Events such as this are not possible without the generous support of sponsors. Again, our deepest thanks to Pitcher Partners for their generosity.

12 October 2017

Guild Elections - NSW Welcomes New Branch President and Executive Committee

The Pharmacy Guild election process has now been completed and we'd like to congratulate and welcome the new Executive Committee: Branch President David Heffernan, Vice Presidents Feras Karem, Paul Jones and Caroline Diamantis, and National Councillor Catherine Bronger. Paul Jones will also serve as National Councillor alongside his role as Vice President.

We are pleased to say that the NSW Branch is leading the way in terms of diversity. After a period of no female representation, we will now have a record number of six female members on the next Branch Committee and female representation from NSW at National Council.

We would like to sincerely thank outgoing Branch President Rick Samimi for the tremendous work he done during his time as President. Rick will continue to serve on the Branch Committee and fight for Guild members and the pharmacy profession.

We would also like to thank Senior Vice President of Finance Phil Dibben and Branch Committee member George Mendria for their dedication and support during their time on the NSW Branch Committee.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to new Branch Committee members Sally Sheehan and Karen Carter and know they will do great things for the members and community pharmacy as a whole.

Listed below are the NSW Branch Executive, National Councillors and Branch Committee Members for 2017-2020:

David Heffernan

Senior Vice President and Vice President Finance:
Feras Karem

Vice President:
Caroline Diamantis

Vice President and National Councillor:
Paul Jones

National Councillor:
Catherine Bronger

Branch Committee:
Mario Barone
John Black
Karen Carter
Greg Everett
Binh Luu
Judy Plunkett
Sally Sheehan
Adele Tahan
Richard Walsh

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